Labour Day Weekend At The Cottage

We’ve just returned from three days and three nights at the cottage! Labour Day Weekend in Canada…gotta love it! The weather was spectacular, sunny and warm days, cool, clear nights, lit by a full ‘sturgeon’ moon. We had a great time, with company on Friday night, then my daughters on the next night, then another couple of friends arrived on Sunday.

A perfect weekend, with lots of good food, fun and even a couple of boat rides as I toured a couple of them around our cottage lake. The wind was up a bit this weekend, which made for a bit of a bumpy boat ride, but other than that, who’s complaining. My only complaint is that the weekend is over….

I cut some trees and brush along the shore, changing our view a little, actually adding to it. It really changes the view from the porch.

The girls made us a lovely cottage country boiled dinner on Sunday night, carrots, ham, cabbage, potatoes, turnip, cole slaw, fresh rolls, and a delightful fruit truffle dessert. MMMMM sum good! Gotta love camp suppers!

Here are the “kitchen workers”….notice the “Help Wanted” sign in the background? I think that is directed at me….not sure though…

Kim was the first to get a seat for supper…not wasting anytime on formality.

Actually I think she sat down first for self preservation, because there is no holding me back with a boiled dinner on the table!

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