Fall Firewood Harvest

The Fall firewood harvest has begun at the camp! We started last weekend cutting down all the old spruce trees that have died on our property and it is quite a few actually. In fact, almost all of what we call “Fir” trees have given in to some kind of a bug that gradually eats them. So, rather than have them all go rotten and get eaten by the bug, and rather than have a bunch of dry old spruce trees creating a fire hazard, I’m turning them into firewood.

Softwood trees, which these are, don’t make the very best firewood, they don’t burn as hot as hardwood. However, they do make great kindling, and they are also good for a quick fire on a cool morning when you don’t want to get the cottage too hot. As long as it’s allowed to dry for a year or two, softwood burns pretty clean. I mix it in with the hardwood to stretch the hardwood out a bit and I like the way it snaps and crackles in the woodstove.

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