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We have been debating, and still are, debating….what we are going to do about the cottage. The existing building is getting fairly old, and is not on a foundation, only posts.

We’d like to be able to have more room, and winterize the place so we could if we eventually decide to, move there to live full time. Of course, turning a cottage into a home is not always easy. We’re lucky in the sense that our place is big enough that with a basement, it would be a fairly good sized retirement home.

It would not be too difficult to raise it up and put a basement underneath, but that is no small job, and we’d still be left with an older home that needs quite a bit of work to bring it back to new, and we are thinking we need a bigger bedroom with closets. Plus, it’s not exactly located on our lot in the place we would like it to be to maximize the view of the lake.

So…we’ve been thinking hard about whether to convert our cottage to a house, or to tear it down and build a new house, something with our needs in mind, and with modern wiring, siding etc.

The next question is, what is the new place going to look like? I came across this e-book of cottage building plans, and have found several very interesting cottage building plans and designs.

The first is a mountain cabin design, which has three bedrooms and the open loft style that is very appealing to us. It is the kind of place that you might expect to see on the shore of a nice lake.

The only thing I don’t like about this one is the absence of a roof over the front deck. I like to sit in the shade and look at the lake. There is a roof over the side, but that wouldn’t be quite the same. It is a good design for our lot though.

The second plan that I like is very similar to what we have now, a cape cod style building, with three bedrooms and two baths. Although I like the look of these buildings from the outside, I am not crazy about the upstairs interior of cape cods.

There is that space between the walls and the roof that, although it makes good closet space, doesn’t really appeal to me somehow.

I had a place once with that kind of space and just didn’t like it.

The one above is a rancher style, similar to what we currently have, although I think it might even be a little smaller, maybe good for a cottage, not convinced it’s what we want for a house.

However, if we used the existing cottage building, using these cottage building plans, this is how we could add on to it, which might not be a bad thing. It would give us the extra space we require.

Actually the one that interests me the most so far, is not what I would have originally thought. It is a house design very similar to the house my Dad grew up in, with a nice covered deck front, a perfect place to sit out and watch the lake in my retirement years…
I like this one, although I would like a door under the front deck leading to the basement, something I am sure would be possible to add.  Of course, no matter what I may think, ultimately this is not my decision, or at least not mine alone. Wendy has a big say in this too…..I hope she likes the same one as me…..So many decisions, so little decision making ability…..
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  1. I like all the designs you are considering! The first one looks pretty close to our log cabin – just the loft windows are different.