Autumn Cottage Reading

I must admit, I am kind of late coming forward with my Summer Cottage Reading List.

In fact, I think it best if I describe this as my Autumn Cottage Reading List. I am a reader, somewhat voracious, usually having at least two books on the go and a magazine or two, not to mention all the blogs and websites I read on a regular basis.

I’ve just finished my second reading of The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia by William F. Mann. One of my passions is history, particularly esoteric history, and mystery. I find stories about the Knights Templar, lost treasures and the like fascinating. In fact, I have another blog specifically about mysterious societies, conspiracies, unexplained things like ghosts and UFO’s, it’s called Mysterious Societies And you thought I was just a cottage blogger…..

But for the cottage, where there is no internet to distract me, there is nothing like a good book on a rainy day, settling in to my favorite arm chair by the picture window overlooking the lake, the sound of rain on the roof, and a good book to read.

So tonight, when I was loading my daughter’s ‘stuff’ in the van to move, I came across three books that she had purchased for one of her university courses, and by the looks of the excellent “like new” condition, hadn’t read….it amazes me that she gets honours….amazing…perhaps she can absorb the contents of the book by holding it against her forehead or something…I dunno.

However, I digress, what I set out to do was tell you the three books that I am now the proud owner of, and that will make some fine cottage reading. I love to read, and I love books. To me, a good book is a little treasure, something to be read, studied, perhaps re-read, and then saved, with the thought I might…just might…read it again so I stack them up, anywhere I can find to stack them. That’s how my wife makes a small fortune every few years, selling off my books at yard sales….

The first is called The Wars by Timothy Findley, a Canadian author, winner of the Governor General’s Award and an Officer of the Order of Canada. The Wars is the story of Robert Ross, a 19 year old Canadian Army Officer, during World War I.

The second, is from a more recent war, Viet Nam, and is entitled, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. The Things They Carried won France’s Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger and the Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize, in addition to being nominated and a finalist for the Pulitizer Prize and National Book Critics Award. I am really looking forward to reading it.

The third is from a local Canadian writer, Stephen Kimber, called, Sailors, Slackers, and Blind Pigs : Halifax at War which tells the story of Halifax Nova Scotia during World War II, a city that played a major part in the war effort. The story culminates with the end of the war and the 1945 VE-Day Riots in Halifax. When victory was declared in 1945, Halifax erupted into a wild old time of drinking, looting, window smashing, dancing in the streets and even public fornification….yup…

So..enough blogging for tonight, I have three books to read and savor, enjoy and pore over….what about you? What have you been reading this summer, or what have you in mind for the Fall?

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