Looking For A Well Cover

Hi Cottagers!! Welcome up to the cottage!

I had an interesting email today from two readers from out west, Gary and Kathy, who had a question I couldn’t answer. They are looking for some ideas for a well cover. I came up with a company that sells fibreglass ones, but to be honest, not sure that’s what Gary and Kathy need. Here is an excerpt from their email:

“Our old original one is built above ground with cinder blocks and a cover w/ shingles that is hinged in the middle and lifts from one side…..but it’s heavy to lift, and is in bad shape from weather etc.
Looking for a new way to build a cover to lift up, but not so heavy, and something where the rain and snow would drain off.”

So, sounds like they have a dug well, probably with a crock lining that comes up above ground. I’m familiar with the old flat cover with the centre cut out for a door, and the kind with a pitched roof above the well, usually with a rope pulley etc hanging from the underside of the roof. But that’s it for me…

So…I am asking you, my smart readers, my cottage wisend old timers of the weekend wilderness, my inventive and creative cottage might-as-well-do-it-your-selfers-cause-nobody-else-will type readers who I am sure have some good ideas for well covers. How about emailing me at boatmanswife@hotmail.com with your ideas, a picture would help.

Thanks and let’s see if anyone comes up with something!

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