Fall Is In The Air

I hope that those of you who are cottagers are planning on heading to your camp or cottage this weekend! Let’s be serious for a second, there is only one weekend left in August 2009 and that means the next thing you know, it’s gonna be Labour Day weekend.

The kids back to school, summer on the wane, and the end of the traditional vacation cottage time….that sucks….Sorry I don’t have any good news….The little Hurricane/Tropical Storm that just hit us last weekend brought with it some cooler temperatures, and a change in the air.

Well, I suppose the good news is that September and October can be nice months, weatherwise. In fact, they can be some of the nicest months at the cottage, except…..somehow it’s different from Labour Day onwards. No matter how hot it gets, no matter how much sun and fun is still to be had, there is still that feeling, that sense in the air, that Autumn is coming, summer is ending and a new season is not far away.

It’s cooler at night, and darker just a little bit sooner in the evenings. A jacket is not required, but can be nice to have some mornings.

I think it has something to do with the hardwired feeling of summer vacation ending and school starting, even though it’s been some 30 odd years since I last walked out the exit doors at school for the final time.

Regardless, it still haunts me a little around now. My memories of the camp often revolve around summer vacation, and the feeling of dispair that arrives like the first frost each September. The carefree days of summer get replaced by the hectic, stress filled days of fall, school, work, family obligations, bills to pay, boats to put away, water pumps to disconnect….yuck….

Of course, it’s not really like that for me now, well, I still have work, but that isn’t too bad, and I have saved some vacation for later, so it’s not like that is all gone. We’ll continue going to the cottage for another couple of months on and off, and that will be probably some of the best times of the year, at least until November…and the first hint of snow….and the pending winter, snow and ice, freezing temperatures…..oh my….I think it’s time I went to bed….

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One thought on “Fall Is In The Air”

  1. You certainly put how I feel into words. Wish I had a cottage to go too though to help ease the pain. Seems we've hardly done anything this summer. Where did it go?

    What a cool morning it was this morning. The birds are quieter and we're headed off to do some school shopping tonight and tomorrow. How I wish summer were at least 6 months a year.