Dad and Daughters at The Camp!

Now this was one of those cottage weekends you chalk up to a happy memory! I spent the weekend at the camp with my two grown daughters, and we had a great time. This was our traditional annual father daughters weekend, something we started last year and promised to make happen at least once a summer…so far so good, we are on summer number 2.

My youngest girl had to work Saturday, so her sister and I spent the day running some errands, like getting a few groceries, picking up her new bed for her new apartment, and stuff like that. Then we picked up her sister at suppertime after work, and took off for the camp!

The weather here has been exceptionally hot the last week, so the cottage was a welcome respite, especially with the lake not 50 feet away. They had a swim about 20 minutes after we arrived. We had a campfire Saturday night, talking into the wee hours of the morning, about stuff that fathers and daughters talk about around campfires. Of course we roasted a few marshmallows as well….just like the old days.

Sunday after their wake-up swim we loaded the boat and took a ride to the head of the lake, about 20 miles round trip! That was fun, the lake was calm, the wind warm, and the outboard motor worked like a charm. Here is the best view from my seat in the boat, my two lovely girls….

We were back in time for lunch, then of course some serious swimming to escape the heat. Even the old man found a bathing suit and joined in, swimming in what had to be some of the warmest lake water I have ever swam in. We spent the better part of the afternoon in the water before we packed up for home.

These two have had kind of a rough year, with some stuff going on in both their lives that could be less than ideal. However, they are adjusting well, and moving on with amazing maturity that I can’t help but admire. But through it all, they have certainly shown me a ton of love, and have proven that if you are persistent and patient, eventually life can be pretty good!

It’s also nice to see the impression that cottage life has had on the two of them, who spent much of their young life at the camp. Those are memories that will never leave them, and hopefully when their kids are born, they too will know what it is like to “go to the camp”

It was kinda sad to leave, but we made it home in time to have supper with their step brother who was celebrating his 25th birthday! An all around great weekend, and the best part is, the girls both said they are coming back on Labour Day weekend in September. I’m looking forward to it already!

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One thought on “Dad and Daughters at The Camp!”

  1. What a great tradition! :)) My Dad died when I as 28 and I still miss him so much, but the happy memories are what sustain me.