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It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of summer already…in fact it is kind of past the middle, especially if you are a student or a school teacher and on your way back to work or school in September….even now, some 30 years after I finished school I still feel little pangs when I think of it.

The summer days are getting shorter, nights at the cottage longer. It means we can start the campfire earlier, and enjoy those nights under the stars. Gotta like that, but it still is a reminder of the time of the year.

The funny thing is, these are usually the best days at the cottage, especially in terms of weather. I think too, the nagging thought in the back of our heads reminds us that if we are going to go swimming or boating, we better do it soon, because time is getting shorter. It won’t be long before the cool waters of the camp lake will be more than ‘refreshing’ they will be downright cold. I have managed to swim in our lake as late as the 21st of September, but those were extenuating circumstances and the weather was exceptional, almost non-seasonal that particular year…and I was younger and braver…and there were girls involved…without bathing suits…if you get my drift…*wink* …oh those were the days….but I digress…back to cottage life….

I once knew an older, retired woman who started swimming at her cottage around in early April and kept it up everyday until well into October…each year trying to break her own record. She maintained that by doing it each day, it wasn’t as shocking…poor soul passed away a few years back….I think from pneumonia, but I’m not sure. I am sure that I won’t be trying to break her record….

On another note, Wendy is off to the cottage tomorrow to liase with a truck driver. Aha! So that is what she has been up to! A truck driver! But it’s OK, she has my permission…the truck driver is bringing us a load of gravel for the driveway. What were you thinking??? tisk tisk….

I am off to the cottage myself on the weekend with two girls….my daughters…can’t wait, this is our annual father-daughter at the cottage weekend. We always have fun and every year is a special cottage memory for both father and daughters.

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One thought on “Cottage Swimming and Other Stuff”

  1. Those were the days alright! Times sure do change don't they.

    At least after our cool and rainy June/July we're in for a classic August and boy do we deserve it!!!

    Enjoy a wonderful week-end with your girls. It's supposed to be a hot one! School is coming along a bit too soon this year, but we'll make the most of what time is left.