August Cottage Weekend

Ahh…these August days of waning summer at the cottage….I hate it. Just kidding, actually late summer can be the best time at the camp, warm days, cooler nights. We just got home about two hours ago. A great weekend with a couple of our friends at the cottage.

The weather kind of cooperated, today was hot and sunny. Yesterday was OK in the morning, but a tropical storm blew through in the late afternoon and night, bringing high winds and heavy rain. Not a good night for a campfire…..but a great night for sleeping.

We had the weather covered though, we knew the storm was forecast, so Friday night was campfire night, it was a beautiful evening, mild and very pleasant, even with the usual barrage of fireworks about 10 p.m. Has anyone else noticed that every weekend seems to be worthy of fireworks now? Fireworks used to be something that was limited to holidays like Canada Day or Labour Day. Not anymore, now every weekend night in cottage country sounds like a night in Afghanistan or Bagdad…I keep ducking….

We had a great campfire night, even had some steamed mussels and hotdogs…one of which or perhaps both, didn’t particularly agree with me, which was a bit of a bummer, as I ended the night early with an upset stomach. But, by morning it had subsided and I was back in business.

Saturday my buddy Doug and I helped a neighbor move a ‘baby barn’ shed from one place on his property to another. There were five of us all together which made short work of it. Having a big Chevrolet 4X4 pickup truck to do some of the pulling didn’t hurt either. It was one of those kind of fun jobs, where you see the fruits of your labour at the end. Satisfying to see the shed in it’s new location. Now everytime I see it, I will think, “I helped move that.” Which in itself is kind of satisfying.

In the afternoon we started cutting some old dead spruce trees down in the woodlot next to the camp, but had to knock off because of the weather, so that job got carried over to today. We got 6 or 7 down, maybe 8, and all but one cut up into firewood size and even split. Nothing like a nice new pile of firewood to create a feeling of satisfaction too! Kind of like moving a shed.

Actually, we saved a couple long straight logs because we are planning to move my shed, and they will come in handy as rollers. It was so warm today, that after the wood cutting we hit the lake for a swim, nothing like the cool waters of a lake to take the sweat off….and wake you up at the same time….as people say, “it was nice, once you got in”

Speaking of the tropical storm, is there anywhere else in the world better for a night’s sleep than in a cottage listening to the rain on the roof and the wind blowing through the poplar trees?

Saturday night was a great night for sleeping, I opened the bedroom window just enough to be able to fall asleep listening to nature. The rain on the roof, wind in the trees, is so relaxing. I actually have a CD somewhere with those very sounds on it, made with the intention of being used as a relaxation tool….it works, but not as good as the real thing.

Laying in bed, I remembered when atlantic salmon fishing was my big passion, and how I enjoyed listening to the rain falling at night, thinking about the big salmon that would come with the rise in water that would follow.

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