After Hurricane Bill

The thing about hurricanes are they are unpredictable….or so the weather guys are saying now. Now that Hurricane Bill has blown over leaving us with some rain and some wind, but nothing as spectacular or damaging as we suffered with Hurricane Juan a few years ago.

The hurricane that had been blowing right for us most of last week ended up staying off the coast thankfully, giving some parts of the province a pounding, but for the most part, nothing worse than a tropical storm. Not that tropical storms are not bad…and not that Hurricane Bill was harmless. He left thousands without power, and flooded some places, washed out some roads…that kind of thing. But if that is as bad as they get, I will take a hurricane over something like wildfires anyday.

Wendy and I were away camping, but decided to pack up and head back at the last minute, just before the storm hit, which was good, because there is nothing worse than packing up in the rain. We were prepared, and probably could have made it through even a hurricane but after awhile you get to thinking…why do we want to? So we headed for home.

After the worst of the storm ended yesterday we hopped in the Tracker and headed for the camp to check on it. The last hurricane had taken a lot of roof shingles and knocked down a bunch of trees, but this one, well…not many trees left to knock down I guess….That’s one thing about having a cottage or camp, when things like major weather events happen, you pretty much have to be able to pull up and go there to make sure things are OK, or have someone nearby who can check on it for you and let you know. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time worrying.

A good neighbor had been thoughtful enough to move the deck chairs away from the picture window on the deck, which was my biggest worry, and he had tied down my aluminum boat, another nice thing. So it and the window and chairs came through unscathed. The worst thing that happened was the leaves stuck to the picture window. No big deal, they dried and blew off.

The rest of the cottagers in our area had remembered the lessons learned from Hurricane Juan and took their boats out of the water, even pulled in some of their wharves. Better safe than sorry.

So if you were in Hurricane Bill’s path, and you got damaged, my thoughts go out to you, if not, well you and I can thank our lucky stars!

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