Weight Loss Camp

I tried a little experiment this weekend. I weighed myself at the start of the weekend, and then weighed myself tonight.

Just as I figured, I lost a little, actually about 1 pound, or 2.2 kilograms…it sounds better to say ‘kilograms’ cause there are more of them!

So I am declaring our cottage, a fat camp! It’s not an intentional thing, but I think it works, probably because I am so active at the cottage, not so much through the week, when I am writing.

We all know how many trips we make back and forth to the boat, to the shed, to the camp, to the outhouse, to our buddy’s place next door, and so on. Not to mention, usually I am carrying something, from tools for fixing the water pump, to outboard motors and gas tanks.

Add to that the fact that whenever we are at the camp, we usually end up taking a walk, this weekend a two mile walk along the country road, and I get more rest because I am usually too tired from the fresh air to stay up too late.

We typically eat a little lighter fare at the camp too, so it figures that I might lose a few pounds. I suppose tomorrow when I go to the greasy spoon diner for lunch at work, I will gain my lost pound back, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, when I finally get to be at the camp for longer periods, I’m gonna drop some pounds…who knows, after I retire, I might change the place into a weight loss camp and make some money getting fat camp customers to carry my outboard motor, cut the grass, work on the pump, paint the exterior, cut firewood….people will pay for the experience….they will love it…I will love it….

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