Water Pump Woes

Hi! How are you doing tonight? We’re just back from a fun filled weekend at the cottage. We had some friends down this weekend, which made it nice, particularly as the thunder and lightning and heavy rain last night kept us inside most of the evening. We did have a chance for a short walk on the country road, something I always enjoy.

This year’s heavy rains and high water has done yet another number on my wharf, it’s completely apart now, but no matter, it’s coming out of the water as soon as I can get it out, and into the campfire. A new wharf next year is on the list. I can’t be bothered trying to fix this one again.
We got through the weekend in fine style, and then around supper time today, Wendy said, “We have no water.”

“No water?” I said, “Uh-oh” and sure enough, turn on a tap and nothing comes out. So I checked things out, the pump was running, but not pumping water. I pulled the hose in and looked at the footvalve, to discover it wasn’t holding the water back. A footvalve is a ‘one way valve’ water will come into the hose, but the valve closes behind it, so the water cannot run back out of the hose. Water was running out of mine when I pulled it up. Luckily I had a new one on hand, (can’t have enough spare parts at the camp) So I installed it and tried priming the pump. After a bunch of attempts, still no water. We had to head for home, so I shut it down and we came home.

I have a suspicion that the wharf may have been floating up and down on the water line and rubbed a whole in it somewhere, which would let the water run back out. That’s my suspicion, not necessarily the answer. I am going back down some night this week to pull it up and inspect it for pin holes etc.

It’s always something…..The Chevy Tracker is still not working, still in the Chevy Tracker shop, clinging to life precariously….but our friends were driving a very nice Ford Ranger 4X4…I sat behind the wheel….I liked it….I want one….

We had a nice barbecue of ribs, topped off with potatoe salad and cole slaw, rolls, cheese bread, fresh strawberries and apple pie for dessert last night…here is a little joke we played on the girls just before we got the barbecue lit!

Almost forgot…remember the mouse that had me up all night armed with a BB gun trying to end his career as a house mouse? Well, poor little feller succumbed to the lure of peanut butter and got himself done in by a snap trap…..RIP

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  1. Your tales of the water pump saga are interesting. We've not installed "running" water at our camp yet. (Only been 75 years,..why hurry, right?) We "run" to the edge of the pond and scoop up a pail full. And we tote our drinking water in jugs from home. Makes me wonder if it's worth it. When it's working yes, but when not,… probably no. Our place is very primitive, no water, no electricity, But lots of love and fun!

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