Watch For Deer

So…saw a bit of a tragedy today on the way home from the cottage. Just ahead of us a couple of folks in a Honda Civic ran into a deer.

The poor thing, a doe, jumped out of the ditch and over a guardrail and ran right in front of their car. There was absolutely nothing the driver could do.

When we came along, two other cars had stopped. The occupants of the car that hit them were shaken up, but otherwise OK, but their car was pretty much crumpled, I’d guess several thousand to repair, a grim reminder of how quick accidents involving deer and other animals can happen, and it was broad daylight too.

As we came up to the scene the deers legs were still moving so I stopped, not sure what I could or would do, but as a hunter, that stuff is not unfamiliar to me, although it is never pleasant.

The driver and I walked back to where she was laying on the shoulder of the highway. By that time she was dead, thankfully I might add, because there was nothing we could have done, or nothing I care to speak about in mixed company.

Natural Resources were called, they will come and pick her up at some point.

So, here is my reminder, watch for deer…all the time, don’t drive too fast on country roads and if one does jump out in front of you, the experts say, hit the horn and the brakes at the same time, deer often have a little reserve energy that can come into action at the sound of the horn!

However, in today’s accident, there was nothing the driver could have done. I did notice the deer, a pretty big female, had teats…and probably a young one somewhere, I cannot help but feel really bad, because I imagine she had a fawn somewhere. All too tragic….

I have thought about installing those Deer Warning Sonic Alert whistles on our cars, but I am not sure if they work.

A friend, who had a cottage in a very high deer density area, had them on his vehicle, but he still saw lots of deer. Never hit any though.

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