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We went to a birthday party last night for a friend who was turning 50, not unlike myself a couple of weeks ago. It was a mild evening, no rain, but not clear either. Sitting out back on their deck, beside the swimming pool, I remember thinking how pleasant it was, in part because they had one of those screen tents set up.

These have become super popular these days, infact, looking around the neighboring backyards I could see three more in addition to the one I was under. We have one ourselves in our backyard. They are simple to set up, although it works better as a two person job. But once they are up, you have a comfortable, screened place for a picnic table, or some chairs. They make a great place to sit in the evenings away from the bugs and out of the rain, if it is raining.

I have ours tied to a fence, and our house, to withstand the windy days. It’s been up in some pretty dramatic storms and withstood them all. In fact, we have owned this one for around 4 or 5 years now, without any problems.

The sun is fading the top, but otherwise, it is still in good shape. I get a kick out of people who say, “Oh no, I am going to sit out here in the sun, I don’t want to be in there in the shade.” Then after they sit in the sun for a little while they are dragging their lawn chair under the canopy….the sun isn’t what it used to be, and sitting in it for any length of time can be downright dangerous for your health. That’s one of the reasons why these screen tents are so popular nowadays.

We are thinking about getting a new one for home, and taking the one we have now to the cottage, although I don’t think it’s necessary because we have a roof over our deck at the camp, which does a fine job of keeping the sun and rain off, although, it isn’t screened, but there are no bugs at the camp……..LMAO!!!

If you are considering a screen tent for your yard, I would recommend this Columbia Sun Basin II FIRST UP Screen House 10-Foot by 10-Foot Canopy

It’s a good size, 10 ft X 10 ft and not too complicated to put up, using what they call, “ZipFrame™ technology”
The Omni-Shade top offers sun protection of UPF +40 rating. A nice feature is a rain gutter system that helps eliminate water-pocketing and roof sagging and something ours doesn’t have, but I wish it did, a removable screen curtain.
You can find out more about this screen house, Here!

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