Poison Ivy and Bears

So…Saturday I took a spin in the boat across the lake to where I fish. I was half surprised to find a young couple camping in a tent.

They had canoed over, and were staying the weekend. He was dressed in a pair of shorts and nothing else. She was dressed like it was winter and trying to keep the flies at bay.

We had a nice chat for a few minutes before I moved up the river to fish, they were plopped right on the best spot for fly fishing, which left me few choices, but I let it go, they seemed nice enough.

The young fella, (I’d say about 30, but I am 50 now….) asked me if there were bears around.

“Funny you should ask.” I replied, “I noticed where one had torn an old tree apart looking for grubs on my way down the path.”

“Oh?” said the girl.

“Yup” said me.

“Do you ever see them?” she asked.

“Yup, occasionally, but they usually go the other way.” (emphasis on usually)

“So we should hang our food from a tree?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t keep it in your tent.” was my answer.

“No, of course not.” he replied casting his shiny hardware full of hooks and worms into my pristine salmon pool.

“No” I said, adding, “The bears aren’t as much a worry to me around here as the poison ivy.”

“Poison ivy?” he asked, stepping back a bit and looking down.

“Yup that green plant growing in the rocks where you are standing. It’s poison ivy. It doesn’t seem to bother some folks but some people get really itch.” I said, lighting a cigarette and trying to look like a wisend old woodsman.

He just stood there in his shorts looking around at all the little green three leaf plants around his feet.

“Well…I guess I will get going.” I said, reeling up my line. “Have a good weekend, I will likely be back over sometime over the next couple of days.”

I wasn’t kidding about the bear, here is a pic of the tree he had been tearing apart looking for grubs and other edible bugs I guess.

I didn’t get back over the next day, but Sunday was very windy and the lake rough, so after worrying about them for awhile, I got Wendy to come with me, and we went over in the boat to check on them. I didn’t want them crossing the lake in their little canoe in the rough water.

When we got there they had already left, so I guess they had pulled out early before the wind came up.

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