Fixing The Piston Pump

I think when I last wrote about the cottage I was complaining about my water pump not working. Well, I am happy to tell you that yet again, I managed to fix the old Southern Water Pump….I am becoming somewhat of an expert on tearing it apart and putting it back together.

The funny thing is, typically, the first thing I would normally do is take the bottom off the pump and check the little rubber valves and springs, probably install a new pump kit. But this time I didn’t, I got focused on the footvalve, thinking that was the problem.

In fact, I even replaced it. When that didn’t work, I unhooked the pump and took in to the workshop. First I took out all the old lubricant inside…why I don’t know…but I replaced it anyway.

Then I got around to taking the bottom off and low and behold! One spring and cotter pin were completely missing….nothing to hold the little rubber valve closed….where they went, well I have no idea.

Luckily, I had a replacement kit on hand, can’t have too many spare parts at the camp. I replaced the kit, springs, cotter pins etc, and hooked the pump back up! A little priming and we were flushing the toilet and drinking the water….well not necessarily in that order, but the pump was not only working, it was working better than normal! Now I am going to have to get another water pump kit to have on hand for next year!

I keep saying I am going to get a new water pump….then I get the old one fixed….and it works sooo good…..

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