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Frequent readers of the Cottage Chronicles know that I have recently been vehicle challenged….yes, I have been having mechanical troubles with my little Suzuki SUV, well, actually not a Suzuki, technically it is a Chevrolet Tracker SUV.

However, of late it hasn’t been able to track much, since it broke down again last week.

Now I have had a love affair with my Tracker since I brought it home from the car lot in 1999. It caught my eye sitting there at the Chev dealer, on the second hand car lot. So I bought it and I have been pretty pleased with it. With a little 96 horsepower 4 cylinder engine, it is the most economical SUV I have ever known and I have known a few.

Topping out at between 36 and 40 miles per gallon, it was a fuel efficent SUV from the get go and now, 80 miles later, it still is. At the time I bought it, the Tracker was also about the cheapest SUV on the market in terms of purchase price.

But lately it has been giving me and therefore my buddy, who fixes it, a lot of grief. Slowly but surely we narrowed down the problems and got it back on the road, only to have it quit again last week.

Well, after hours of searching and tearing apart, Doug found two wires had broken off, something to do with the fuel, but I can’t remember what he called it. No matter, he repaired the broken wires and put it back together, and yee ha! It runs again!

So, after looking at some SUV prices lately when I was considering giving up and trading it in, I am back on the road, with no plans to get rid of it just yet. With gas prices the way they are this summer, I would be crazy to part with it now for something bigger and harder on fuel and with a car payment. Nope. I am keeping my fuel efficient SUV just a little longer….sorry Doug…don’t put your tools too far away!

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  1. I recognize your feelings,… same for me with my '02 Ford Escape. Not as economical to run though but with only 6 cyl still a pretty bare bones set of wheels. I think we're being smart.

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