Camping Weekend

Well….here we are, back from three days camping. I understand why I love going to the cottage, it’s because I am not much of a camper. I like the comfort of a building over me, especially when it is raining…and raining…and raining….

Well actually it only rained for about a day and a half, then it cleared off and of course, on the day we come home, it was hot and sunny.

But it was still fun to be with friends, see some new things, and do something different, I always think a weekend away from the cottage makes me appreciate the cottage.

I do like to look at the stuff people use for camping. It’s interesting how no two campsites, or tents or sleeping arrangements are the same when you are in a campground. I think it has to do with individual likes and dislikes and with the way campers like to customize their camping gear. For instance, we like to set up a screen tent for meals and sitting around, and sleep inside our Dodge Caravan, which makes a wonderful little camper. Dry and tight, with doors that lock…I like that aspect best.

I did see one thing I really thought was pretty cool, and that was a little Truck Tent
that goes over the box on a pickup truck. This is a cool way to camp, for one thing you are up off the ground, which is always a better way to sleep. It looked nice and cozy too, got me to thinking that is what I would have if I had a pickup truck.

These folks had a Shade Canopy
too, and had their truck backed up to it so when they came out of their tent they were under some shelter.

One of the other things I like about camping are the meals….cooking on a barbecue….steak and potatoes…mmmmm…good!

I also discovered that the little Single Burner Camp Stove that my wife had bought me awhile ago, is a great little thing for making up a pot of coffee quickly or heating water for dishes, cooking hotdogs etc. It doesn’t take up much room, lights easily and is very quick to bring water to a boil. I love it. Might start using it at home….just kidding…but it was helpful! That is not it in the above pic by the way, that is our barbecue, somehow I managed not to get a picture of the little stove.

There is some beautiful scenery in the great outdoors of Nova Scotia, even when it is raining. This is the beach/shoreline near our campsite.

And…because I thought this was kind of ‘artsy’ I thought I should take a picture of it, this is a tree that was washed on the beach.

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