Camping In The Rain

Well ya might know…we are going away camping this weekend and what do you suppose is in the weather forecast? Yup…rain and more rain, heavy rain starting Friday, continuing into Saturday and clearing possibly by Sunday, at least we might have a nice drive home….

Rain is one of the reasons why I love the cottage. Although it’s not as nice as a sunny day, a rainy day at the camp can be kind of relaxing. Rain gives you a time to read, nap, perhaps play a game, or just sit and talk with friends or family. You’re inside, the roof is tight, hopefully, and if it’s damp, light a little fire in the woodstove.

But camping…well…that is another story, especially if you are in a tent, which thankfully we are not. We will be able to stay dry sleeping in the back of our Dodge Caravan, which makes a half decent ‘camper’.

However, it still means getting out to go to the washroom, cook meals, socialize etc. We’ve got one of those dining tents that makes a bit of shelter, but it’s still damp sitting around. Not only that, let’s face it, whatcha gonna do in the rain? On a camping trip? Can’t even have a campfire in comfort.

At least at the camp I could be doing something constructive, perhaps tie some fishing flies, or maybe regrout the bathtub surround or clean up a bedroom….or the oven….or sort through some old cottage photos….or nap…yes nap….that sounds good, listening to the rain on the roof, gently lulling me to sleep….rain on the roof of a van just isn’t the same.

Are you getting the idea I don’t wanna go? You’d be right. Give me the cottage anytime!! But…well it’s the wife’s friends and whatcha gonna do? I love her….she wants to go….maybe I will come back with some camping stories to write if nothing else! Probably surviving in the rain stories.

Speaking of yucky…went to the dentist today, more specifically the dental surgeon…got two wisdom teeth and a molar to come out. Oh boy…$1200 and a world of hurt….I managed to put it off until September…..yes, I am a procrastinator….

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2 thoughts on “Camping In The Rain”

  1. Good luck with that! I used to work and trip in Algonquin Park and the rain was no fun. I can see going on a fishing/camping trip with the boys, but now that you have a camp/cottage…. I don't get it.

    And I spent an incredibly soggy weekend camping at Mid-Ohio (at an IMSA race) once, where the guy I was camping with woke me up in the middle of the night to deal with the river going through the middle of the tent. Yuck. Getting soaked by rain is only fun when you can warm up soon after.

    We've only had our cottage for two years so I haven't really been good about getting into the 'reading when it rains' thing, which I know I should. I remember reading Catcher in the Rye up in the residence at the Portage Store about 20 years ago on a rainy day and it was so much fun.

    I read tons of websites, magazines and newspapers now, but I really should get back into books.

    My wife, daughter and mom headed up to the cottage a few hours ago. I have to work tomorrow. Leaving T.O. they drove into clear skies. I told them it was because I hadn't arrived in Muskoka yet… I'll bring the monsoon with me, no doubt.

    Also…. wouldn't be so mad at the weather if I had better luck fishing so far. Haven't kissed a bass yet! Thank God for Montecristo #2s and Coronas or the experience would be totally negative!

    By the way, I'm sure the fish will appreciate your expensive dental work when you pucker up after hauling a big one into the boat.

    Good luck camping! Do you plan on playing guitar inside the tent to pass the time? :)

  2. Yes Greg, when I pucker up to kiss a fish, they will appreciate my great dental work! Ha ha! If I take my guitar my wife will kill me…on the other hand…maybe she will agree to go to the camp instead….

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