Beat The Heat

I never thought I would be complaining about the heat after all the cold miserable weather of winter, but oh my god it is hot this week…..I am sitting here tonight sweating and wondering if I will ever cool down….this is cottage weather! Too bad work is keeping me in town, because otherwise I would be gone to the camp!

My Mom and Dad are actually at the cottage this week escaping some of the heat. It is a little cooler there by the lake. Wendy took them there yesterday and I picked her up later that night after work. It was nice to see them at the cottage again, and I know they are happy to be there.

It has been my Dad’s life for so long, I love to see him enjoying it, even if he can’t do much anymore. Nonetheless he was still puttering around when I got there, looking at stuff I had done, studying the changes and the garden and so on….he had lots of comments, all of them good.

I think he liked the two new ceiling fans best of all, especially in this hot weather. They have some friends who live nearby, so I am sure they spent some time there today, and probably tomorrow. They will drive themselves home either tomorrow or Saturday, probably tomorrow. Three days at the cottage is tiring when you are 90…..but I know they will come home happy!

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One thought on “Beat The Heat”

  1. It's been a hot one alright! I take it you don't have a/c. Personally I couldn't go without it. We just keep it on low and it keeps the house dry and mildly cool, enough to keep me from being miserable.

    So glad your parents are enjoying the cottage. At their age they should. And keeping busy is no doubt a good thing.

    Looks like today will have some relief for you : )

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