Who Gives A Hoot

I mentioned in my last post that I liked cottage blogging because I got to write about camps and cabins and look at lot’s of cool cottage/outdoorsy type products.

Well here is another one! I think this is so cool I might have to get one myself. I have a small garden plot at the cottage, and there is actually one of these owls standing guard over it now, except mine doesn’t have a motion sensor that turns it’s head in the direction of movement. This one does!

This is a realistic looking replica of a great-horned owl. It has sensors that detect when garden pests are near and will turn it’s head in that direction and hoot!

I think this motion sensor garden owl would be fun to put on your doorstep, and let him signal the arrival of guests at the cottage. Imagine the look on their faces when your owl hoots digitally recreated sounds of a great-horned owl and turns his head to look at them!

I think it would be a “hoot” You can find out more about it Here!

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