With places like this, and scenes like this to look at and be a part of, is it any wonder I want to go to the cottage all the time?

This was snapped on one of the evenings I was fly fishing. It was a beautiful night, except for the flies…man they were bad….you couldn’t open your mouth….otherwise…well I call it “tranquility”

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3 thoughts on “Tranquility”

  1. Simply idyllic. Hey, we're about to get some laying hens, and a friend was telling us about a particular breed of chicken that has neck feathers that can be harvested (without doing in the chicken) for fly fishing lures! Of course I have already forgotten the name of the breed…

  2. Thanks Cedar, I could look at the woods and water all day.
    Knatolee, there are several chickens used for fishing. Different colors for different fly patterns. Plus there is one that is particularly deadly on fish, it's called "junglecock" I think they are protected or something now, because there feathers became so valuable.

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