Moving A Woodstove

I know some of you laughed when I wrote about my Cottage Tow-It-All last year….I know my wife was….but her laughing turned to awe this past week when I showed her how useful my Tow-It-All had become!

I’ve had a woodstove on the veranda for the last I dunno how many years, because I dreaded having to move it. We replaced it several years ago, but this one weighs so much, that it was a heck of a thing to move. But not anymore. Not with my “Tow-It-All”

It took a bit of doing to get it off the veranda, I removed all the firebricks inside, and took the doors off to make it lighter, then slid it down over the steps on a makeshift ramp.

But once it was on the ground, and on the mower-tower (I can’t decide what to call it) the thing was a breeze to move. I got myself some Rutland Liquid Stove Polish and in no time the stove was looking as good as new. I am going to sell it as soon as I find a way to lift it into the Tracker and bring it home….unfortunately my Tow-It-All has limits.

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