Mouse Hunting

It’s Saturday in June, why aren’t we at the camp? Well we are soon gonna be, we are packing now. We’re late leaving because yours truly had some stuff to do this morning, and managed to sleep in way to long. Let me tell ya why….I was up until 3 in the morning trying to shoot a mouse….not moose…mouse….

I was sitting at my computer about midnight when I saw a quick flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a mouse in the dog’s food dish! In the house! Oh boy….so I did what every hunter type guy does….I got my trusty Daisy air pistol
out and loaded it up. Then I sat up for another 3 hours waiting for him, like a deer hunter in a tree stand. He came back three or four times, but he is quick! All told I managed to get off one shot, one time and of course, missed. My old Daisy and my old eyes aren’t what they used to be! However, I did get my point across that I didn’t like him eating the dog food…..

So of course, I opened my big mouth and told Wendy….that meant I had to do a big clean up today and try to find him, which of course I knew I wouldn’t. I’m a little disappointed, I was kind of having fun sitting at my desk waiting for him to appear.

Each time, just like a deer, he seemed to appear out of nowhere, and disappear almost as quick. The one shot I did get, I am quite sure missed, although, the bb made a bit of a racket when it hit the bar fridge….probably scared him good….he didn’t come back after that. I didn’t get him, he was moving too quick and my old reflexes are not that good at 2 in the morning.

So, I am giving up hunting and taking up trapping….I am off to the store to get some Mouse Traps
traps. It’s not my preferred approach, but you gotta do what you gotta do….this place isn’t big enough for me and him, and no, he is not cute….not in the house anyway…..

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One thought on “Mouse Hunting”

  1. So no cat? My cat does well 85% of the time,..the rest of it she just plays with the mouse,.. alive. I think she brings them in the kitty door as a present for me. you created a great visual of you sitting there trying to shoot it. I'm still grinning!

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