I’m A Fish Kisser!!

I love fishing….but I think I may be coming down with a problem, lately, I seem to love fish…..

Wendy is getting concerned….but this one was such a nice kisser…wet lips and all….I have become a fish-kisser OH MY….what’s next….porcupine necking?
Meeko, our little fishing poodle is thinking about giving the fish a kiss too!

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3 thoughts on “I’m A Fish Kisser!!”

  1. Bass season opens on Saturday in Muskoka. I'm hoping to plant a wet one on a 4-pounder.

    Worms during the day and then maybe another round after dinner when the water goes like glass.
    There aren't many things more fun than a bass nailing a Jitter Bug on a still lake. Seems like a million years since last fall.

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