Gone Fishing

Hey Cottagers!

After a weekend around home, recovering from my birthday and from a bit of a nagging flu, that continues to bother me some, we are off the the camp for the second week of vacation.

We’re not staying all week, but plan to come back and forth a couple times because the young’un’s are home and because I have some stuff to do home like…um…blog….

I really need to get myself a laptop for the cottage, in fact, I don’t know why I didn’t when I got the computer I am currently using. A laptop would have been more practical. But I suppose, on the other hand, a laptop would have meant that I would be working on my blog all the time instead of enjoying the great outdoors at the camp. So it’s just as well.

I’ve got some stuff to do this week, break up an old wharf, the one that needs to be replaced. That’s first on the agenda, and if I get that done I will be happy. There is only one other thing I need to do, and that is GO FISHING!!

It’s time for me to wet a line, get some flies on the water and try to catch a big one. June is typically my fishing month, the month when I don’t think of much else, and the reason I am on vacation this week. So there isn’t much going to stand in my way this week…I hope!

I’ll be talking to you soon! Wish me luck! I’ll bring back pictures!

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