Cottage Yard Work Day

Wendy and I took off for a day and a night at the cottage yesterday to catch up on some of the work that needed doing. It doesn’t take long for the grass to get out of hand this time of year as you can see in this photo I snapped yesterday when we arrived.

However, I had arrived prepared, with my trusty old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower in the Tracker, so it didn’t take too long before I had it looking like this.

After I got the grass cut and raked, I turned my attention to our little vegetable garden, which was overdue for planting. I dug out the old trusty Briggs and Stratton powered MTD garden tiller, and set to work.

Tilling the garden is actually one of my favorite springtime cottage rituals, I’m not much of a gardener beyond that, but I do enjoy the tilling. Notice the little garden scarecrow that is guarding a little English Oak tree that I transplanted a couple years ago. So far it is growing quite well.

I decided to do something a little “mysterious” some would describe it as esoteric as I created my rows in the shape of a triangle. Seen from above, I’m sure plane passengers will be fascinated…..unfortunately, by the time I finished, I was a little tired, so this picture is a little out of focus, I think my arms were shaking from using the tiller.

I also raked up the grass I cut and put it between the rows in the garden, I’ve heard it helps keep the weeds in control.

I think my next garden tiller will be one of these lightweight Mantis 3-Speed Electric Tiller/Cultivators

I brought my old wharf out of storage too and started tearing it apart to rebuild it. Yes I slept good last night….Here is picture of the “fleet”

Nothing like a relaxing day at the camp….actually it was relaxing, nothing better than a day at the camp!

I almost forgot, last night around 7 we had a visit from a little rabbit, a snowshoe hare actually, in the brown color phase for summer, who spent about an hour hoping around the front yard munching on the grass and exploring. He was really cute! Made it all worthwhile. I suppose he will be in my garden tonight….I hope he leaves my Oak Tree alone…or else he will be rabbit stew! Just kidding…

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