Back from Vacation at the Cottage

Ahhh…where to begin….? We are just back from 7 days and nights at the cottage! Back from vacation at the cottage. Gotta love that! Wendy and I slipped away for a week at the camp, enjoying what turned out to be some fantastic weather, sunny and warm everyday except today, and by then well, we need the rain, and besides, vacation was over.

It was a relaxing, but tiring week, lots to do around the cottage, as always, but I wasn’t too worried about that stuff this week. Instead, I was more concerned with doing some fly fishing, which I did, rather successfully too I might add!

Here is one of the trout I caught, around 2 pounds, I got another one like it the next night, and several smaller ones throughout the week. In the end, I released more than I can count, but I kept five.

I also got a chance to try out my new to me fishfinder trolling in the lake.

In fact, using the fishfinder resulted in me catching a landlock salmon of about 3 pounds, which was fun. He was released back to the lake to get bigger. I’ll be writing about the fishfinder in another post. It is even better than I had hoped.

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