The May 24th Long Weekend

One of the special delights of a cottage are long weekends. Those three day holidays that come along much too infrequently, but when they do, oh my! Gotta get to the camp, it’s a long weekend!

That’s where my mind is this week, entirely focused on the cottage and the upcoming Victoria Day Weekend here in Canada.

According to Wilkipedia, The Victoria Day Weekend is also referred to as the “May 24th” weekend because it is celebrated on the last Monday before or on May 24th. The day took it’s name in honour of a Queen of Great Britain, Victoria, who reigned between 1837 – 1901. She was born on May 24, 1819.

Today, the holiday is also used to celebrate the reigning British Sovereign’s birthday, although, we kinda miss Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday with is April 21,1926.

This holiday has been in place since before Canada was formed, beginning on the sovereign’s actual birthday, but at some point it became entrenched as the last Monday before May 24th, which guarantees us a long holiday weekend in May!

Although I have nothing against the Queen or any past Kings or Queens, what Victoria Day really means to me is the cottage, and the first long weekend of the summertime! This is the weekend when all the cottagers usually show up, including the ones who haven’t been around all spring.

Lot’s of folks don’t bother much with their cottage until the long May holiday weekend fearing the weather will not be nice enough until then. It’s also often the first weekend that the water is warm enough for a quick swim, and many folks treat it almost as a tradition to go for their first swim of the year on the 24th. For the record, I am not one of those people….

So, I guess we should thank the Queen for thinking of us cottagers and getting us a nice long weekend in May. For those of you without a Queen, what do you do?

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2 thoughts on “The May 24th Long Weekend”

  1. On May 25th – it’s Memorial Day so we will have a long weekend too! I’ll be thinking about my Canadian friends now and Victoria’s Day – and I’ll give you a cheers from our deck!

  2. No queen here,… so we have Memorial Day, same weekend. To remember the fallen heros from WWI originally called Decoration Day,… but now includes all war servicemen and women,… and name changed. Unused snow day at our school so we have a 4 day weekend! yeeehaw!