The Beaver Is Back and Other Pictures

Wendy and I made a run to the camp this afternoon with a new bed that we ‘scrounged’ It was a good day for a trip to the cottage, not too hot, a little overcast but good day for making a delivery. Now we have a very nice “new to us’ bed and we brought the old bed home to either use here as a spare, or give away.

The place was still standing, even though we’ve been away from it for a couple of weeks now. I hate that, I want to be there all the time, but it seems difficult to do it, with life and jobs and kids and stuff.

I had a chance to take a couple of pictures too.

The water has dropped appreciably from the early spring. It was exceptionally high. The rock pile in the lower left of the picture is where the water was about three weeks ago.

The high water and the ice did a number on my shoreline. I used to have a concrete ramp going to the water, but as this photo shows, under the wooden runway the concrete is all broken and pushed up.

The beaver is back! Last year the little bugger cut down a fairly nice poplar tree I had growing on the waterfront. This year he is doing a number on the small maples on the shoreline. He has cut down several and taken some of the branches away. I am not complaining, so far he has improved my view of the lake a little. Here is a picture of his latest endeavors.

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4 thoughts on “The Beaver Is Back and Other Pictures”

  1. My daughter and teenage granddaughter spent Sat. night at our camp. First time able to drive in as our seasonal road takes a while to dry out. No reports of anything major wrong from over the winter. Whew,.. always a relief. We don’t have beaver there, guess it would save us some work cutting brush!

  2. How I wish our family had a camp on a lake. No such luck though. I can imagine I would want to be there all the time too!

    Those beavers are ruthless! lol! Nothing stands in their way.

  3. I wish I could borrow that beaver this weekend! We have a little bit of brush and marsh before we can access our lake – and we have to be mindful of the DEQ and their shore regulations. But if a beaver happened on by…..
    I’m just saying…..

  4. Yes Shelley…you want him? Maybe if I get him in a box I could send him to Michigan….I’m just saying….