Moose Light Fixture

I am going to forget about my troubles with the Chevrolet Tracker and instead, spend some time looking at cottage stuff. That is a damm site more enjoyable than worrying about a car that won’t work.

Those of you who read The Cottage Chronicles know that I have a thing for moose….well…at least I like moose and moose related stuff. I have some moose pictures and a magnificent set of moose antlers on the wall at the cottage. Now I am thinking this Meyda Tiffany 16″W Moose At Dusk light fixture is something to dream about. It features a bull moose wandering through the pines. It’s suspended from a hand crafted branch like chain that hangs from a pine tree adorned hub. It’s finished in antique copper and has silver mica panels.

At $855 it’s also a bit pricy for me, but it is still nice to dream… can find out more about it Here!

If you don’t have the ceiling height for the above light, this one, which is flush mounted to the ceiling, and about half the price, might be better. This is the 17.5 Inch W Moose At Dusk Flushmount Ceiling Fixture

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