Beachcombing – Finders Keepers?

We’re back from a cottage weekend, got love it! The frogs were hard at it, chirping us off to sleep both nights in the bog behind the camp, and the birds woke us in the morning. The weather only slightly cooperated, giving us some rain but nothing to drastic, we still got a chance to go trolling for trout, although our trout fishing wasn’t all that successful.

However…it was profitable. You know the old adage, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, or the other one, “finder’s keepers” well it was a case of the latter when we trolled past this big black thing on the shoreline that I thought at first was an old chesterfield….but upon closer inspection, wondering what an old chesterfield would be doing up on the rocks on the shoreline, I discovered the bottom of an old wharf.

Actually the styrofoam wharf float, encased in plastic.

So…a dilemina….do we keep fishing and forget it? What if the owner is looking for it? How heavy is it? What would I do with it? So we trolled by….then trolled by again….then I went in for a closer look.

It was pretty banged up, but nothing I couldn’t fix. So I started answering my questions…keep fishing? Nope, the fishing was no good. The owner? Well with no name on it, and no other boats around, and it was up on the shoreline quite far and not close to any camps, so probably it had been there awhile.

Besides with no name on it, how would I ever tell who the actual owner was? Anyone could claim it.

What would I do with it? Why build a wharf of course, mine is just about shot anyway. How heavy is it? Real heavy, too heavy for my wife and I to lift into the boat but, thanks to my Boy Scout training I am always prepared, I had a rope.

I tied it to the float, the other end to the boat and presto, pulled it off the shore like a beachcomber on the west coast and headed for home, claiming salvage rights.

If the real owner comes looking for it, and can describe it, and prove it’s theirs, well, they can have it, but otherwise….nope.

On another note, the beaver is back, he is still working on the maple trees on the shoreline in front of the camp. Oddly enough, I think he is trying to build a lodge right next to my boat ramp…I mean right beside it. That could be a problem….he and I might not see eye-to-eye on that…I mean I like beavers as much as the next fellow but…

We also had a visit from an owl, I think a great horned owl, but I am not sure. He seemed to be fighting with a mouse or frog in the bog behind the camp, we had a great time watching him, so great in fact that we forgot all about the camera in my pocket….duh….

Had a visit from our neighbor, actually three of them dropped by to renew old aquaintances, one of them, bless his heart, brought me a couple of moose steaks from a successful moose hunt this past fall. Gotta love that!

By the way, if that is your float….contact me, we can work it out.

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2 thoughts on “Beachcombing – Finders Keepers?”

  1. Float is still your,… if it had been mine it would have to have migrated over the tops of many tall white pines to get from my camp to yours! Don’t you just love a good find?