Topographic Maps for The Cottage

I was so wound up tonight talking about my Tracker passing inspection that I almost forgot to tell you what I got today in the mail! Two topographic maps of the area around my cottage. In fact the entire lake and all the land for miles around.

I ordered the two maps of the area from our Province’s Natural Resources website, ordered on Monday, forgot about on Tuesday and they arrived in the mail on Wednesday….can’t beat that!

So I have been gazing at the topographic maps all night, looking at the places I have been and the places I want to go. These maps have lots of detail, even showing some trails and paths, roads, lakes, marshes, bogs, you name it.

I had to order two because unfortunately our lake is right on the border between two maps, and to have the entire lake I needed two maps. I think I will cut them down and dry mount them on a piece of plywood for hanging at the camp.

I have wanted to get a topo map of our lake for years, and never got around to doing it until this week. Now I am truly happy to have finally ordered them, and the best part is, they only cost about $12 each, including shipping. Can’t beat that.

These are great maps to have for fishing, hunting and in the case of my son and I, prospecting and treasure hunting. I think they will be a helpful addition to the treasure hunting plan…..did I mention we have a treasure hunting plan? No…I guess I didn’t…it’s a secret…shhh…..

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5 thoughts on “Topographic Maps for The Cottage”

  1. I am going to cut the maps down so that I can join the two pieces I need into a more manageable size.

  2. Always a great item around the camp. Years ago my Mom found a place that laminated the two maps together and has now been hanging on the wall at her camp for over 20 years.

  3. I love your maps. I have been fascinated with maps since i was a kid. My fave book as a kid was one of topo maps of NY. In my home office i have several large topos of the Adirondacks on the wall. I understand how you can get lost in them for hours. Fascinating.

  4. We just bought one of those maps at the last Cottage Life show. Spring and fall, those people have a booth setup and the’ll run them off for you while you wait. They even have a little black dot for every cottage so you can see your place. Really cool.

    Have a great weekend everyone, especially if you’re heading to your cottage/camp.

    Would have thought for sure that the ice would be out at our place by now, but I’m not sure.

    There’s a site to track ‘ice out’ on Canoe Lake (Algonquin) at and they’re only talking about the top of the lake being open.

    I used to work there during university and I’ll always remember paddling around the lake on the day the ice disappeared. Cold water, warm air and sun… and it sounded like wind chimes around the edges of the ice as the wind blew. If you ever have a chance…

    Finally… tonight at 7 on TVO (I believe) there’s a show on featuring one of the Absolutely Fabulous ladies on a trek way up north to see the Northern Lights. Lots of cool footage from the commercial I saw.

    The sun is in a dormant stage so I haven’t seen them in Central Ontario for quite while.