Cottage To Do List

Every year, just about now, I start thinking about what I want to do at the cottage.

Actually I have been thinking and rethinking about this stuff all winter, I think I even wrote one some time ago, but here we go again…now, on the eve of heading to the camp for the first time this Spring, the rubber is hitting the road so to speak.

It’s time to get the list in order and it’s a long list….long and expensive.

So let’s see what’s been on my mind…about the cottage…the other stuff on my mind is nothing I want to tell you about…well if I did, blogger would put one of those “warning messages” in front of my blog and I don’t want that….so let’s see where were we? Oh yeah, what is on my mind about the cottage….

1) The water pump. It’s 1000 years old…needs to be renewed, probably replaced. Need to look at the old baby and see if it is worth fixing up. The storage tank is leaking I think, which adds to the need to replace it. High Priority.

2) The windows…a friend is offering the windows out of his house that he is replacing. The picture window would be perfect, it has sides that open…I can feel the breeze off the lake now….medium priority.

3) Siding…got to decide what to do with the siding…I want to clad the place in the half-round logs, but they are pricey….vinyl siding is cheaper but not near as nice….otherwise it needs a paint job. The paint we have on it, which was red, has faded to pink…remember I wrote about it being a ‘pink cottage’ like I won it in a Mary Kay Cosmetics contest…..medium priority

4) New wharf….the old floating wharf is just about done. Best thing for it now is a campfire. Probably the least expensive of the jobs needing doing, and the most fun. Low priority.

5) Veranda railing….the front deck railing is rotten, especially on one side, nitpicky work that I don’t particularly enjoy, but it needs doing before someone falls over it….probably needs a high priority rating.

6) New lawn mower. The old mower(s) I had around the cottage are done, I have been lugging my lawn mower from home to the cottage all last summer. Not satisfactory at all. I need a new one for home so I can take the old one to the camp. Here is what is left of the old lawn mower…it’s now a wagon.

7) New back veranda porch deck for the side door. Considering this is the door that we use the most, and considering that the deck is getting pretty ripe…and considering that I don’t want anyone falling through it…well….high priority.

8) Insurance….you all know the problems I have encountered trying to get insurance without having to have the place re-wired and re-plumbed….and not pay an arm and a leg for it. I’ve got to look into that. High priority and very expensive, particularly if I have to go through a bunch of work to satisfy the damm, insurance company.

9) Sell the old air-tight woodstove. I’ve had the old airtight woodstove on the front deck for the last two years, since I had to gyprock the place and replace the stove to satisfy the insurance company that next year started on the wiring…after I had gyprocked…the pricks..but anyway…the old stove has to go…it is a fine stove, works perfect, even has a fan blower. Just too big for the space we have. It was there probably 20 years without incident, but you know insurance.

10) New doors on the front of the shed. We have two barn doors on the garage that never get opened, but do let a lot of drafts in. They need to be replaced with a window, and maybe one door. Thankfully this one is low priority.

11) Gravel for the road….we have been putting this off for about 4years, needs to be done this year for sure, split between the neighbors. Medium priority, but if the neighbors all decide to do it, well…it becomes a high priority.

12) Garden…needs to be tilled and some fertilizer, probably some good old fashioned manure added. That should be done now, so it has time to sink in to the soil. The garden has been pretty sad the last few years, so I know it needs some added attention. Low Priority.

13) Clean up the garage and throw away all the old junk that we will never-ever-ever use…half the stuff is so old we probably wouldn’t know what it was for anyway…I mean, what use to I have for a rusty old metal gas can….or a bunch of old pots that have been stuffed in the garage because they are no longer fit to use in the kitchen….low priority…cause look…I can still find room to jam some more stuff in there.

14) Go fishing….I need to get the boat in the water and go fishing….catch some trout….that is really what needs to be done….very high priority!!

How about you? Got your cottage “to do list” started yet?

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2 thoughts on “Cottage To Do List”

  1. Fishing is a top priority for my hubby too! I think cottage & cabin owners have neverending projects it seems. Of course I'm partial to you siding your cabin w/ half round logs – ha,ha! Sure you can't find some at a good deal from a local lumberyard?
    Our priorities are also to finish clearing the lake path, build a dock and landscape the cabin.

  2. Okay, that is the oldest water pump I have ever seen, and the lawnmower remnant is a bit scary too! :)

    No cottage here, but there’s lots to do around the farm. My pressing issues right now have been finishing planting seeds (the ones I am starting indoors) and cleaning up the garden!

    And hubby has to fix one of the eavestroughs…

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