Cottage Scrounging

It’s Friday night…that means lots of us are off to our cottages and the rest of us are just dreaming about getting to our cottage.

I fall into the later group tonight, dreaming of going. I’ve got to help a friend move some furniture tomorrow, which is OK with me for two reasons, one, he’s my friend and two, I am going to scam some of his old furniture for the camp! That means new old furniture for the cottage, gotta love that!

Camp and cottage owners, unless they are wealthy bloggers, have to be always on the scrounge for new-to-you stuff. We are always looking for cottage furniture and we always need your old television, perhaps a microwave oven, pots and pans, chairs, beds, stoves, refridgerators, lumber, tools, doors, windows, old carpet, electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, firewood….you name it, if you know someone with a camp, they are likely on the lookout for stuff…any stuff that might come in useful at the camp.

I am not exactly enterprising but then again I am not exactly a wealthy blogger either, so I am always on the lookout for ‘stuff’ anything that might be useful, even if I don’t have an immediate need for it, the time will come when I do, or if I don’t, one of my neighbors will.

It’s a fact of cottage life, especially when you have a house and a camp. It’s the same way around here, stuff that has outlived it’s usefulness around home is likely headed to the cottage, where it will live again.

That’s why we always ask, “Whatcha gonna do with the old one?” whenever we camp owners come across someone replacing something, or buying some new piece of furniture, ya just gotta ask….

At our country cabin we have an old couch that once belonged to my Grandmother, she bought it new when I was about 10, I’m pushing 50 now.

we’ve got a couple of metal kitchen tables that came from my Dad’s Aunt, who passed away about 25 years ago…or more.

We’ve got two lazyboy chairs older than me and a television that came from home…the dishes are scrounged from here there and everywhere, some are probably so old they are collector items but we still use them.

Our kitchen stove is an old Enterprise oil/electric model that was probably pretty cutting edge when it was new back in the 50’s It was scrounged when someone was selling out there household goods.

It’s a real prize…takes up most of the kitchen and we don’t use the oil burner anymore, although it still works and the chimney is still hooked up.

Now I am waiting for some windows. Friends of ours are getting new windows in their home….guess what? We are getting their old windows for the camp….I just happened to ask.

Here is my lovely partner cooking up some supper on the old Enterprise range! Wanna join us for supper?

Notice the pots…yup…scrounged from someone who got new ones!

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  1. “take it up to camp…” was a phrase I grew up with. Our cabin has dishes from my grandmother (do the math,..I’m 67)…beds from grandparents, an old gas frige that was converted from a kerosene frige… have no clue where the gas stove came from as it’s been there since i was a kid… and some decks of cards that were there from my parent’s prime… you know the drill, for sure!

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