Chevy Tracker

Well it looks like the cottage vehicle is going to make it for at least another summer or more. Yup, my little 1998 Chevrolet Tracker made it through another annual safety inspection with flying colors.

The inspector even mentioned that I should probably get it undercoated since it was in half decent shape underneath and probably worth preserving.

I’ve always thought about owning an antique automobile, perhaps this will be the one. It only has to last about another 20 years to be registered as an antique auto….

Meanwhile I still have the little 96 horsepower 4-wheel-drive with to zip me back and forth to the cottage and off to the woods for a little fall deer hunting, as well as get through the long winter snows with four wheel drive.

I’ve been thinking about trading my little Chevy tracker in for the last couple of years, in fact it’s been the inspiration of a several posts as I explored what I might consider our next cottage vehicle. But to tell the truth, I kind of dropped the idea given that I really can’t decide what I want. I have always been a fan of the proverbial pickup truck, but having owned two, know that they are not always practical.

I’ve usually ended up with some kind of an SUV style vehicle, like the Tracker, and the International Scout I had and a couple of Toyota 4WD station wagons. These days, with auto manufacturers in all kinds of financial peril, and gas prices all over the board, it’s rather difficult to make a vehicle decision.

I’ve been reading Consumer Reports and unfortunately, it seems that every vehicle that I think would be something I’d like, turns out to be “not recommended” or comes with a warning that it’s hard on gas. My little Tracker is still cranking out about 35 mpg, which is hard to beat in a 4WD.

So it looks like the Tracker might be around a little longer, at least another year. We’ve got a Dodge Van as well, so the size of the Tracker is not a handicap, whenever anything big needs to go to the camp, we use the van.

The Tracker does have a fairly new radio and 4 speakers….it’s got 4WD with locking hubs, and it is very agile off-road…it’s cheap to run….it carries what I need to carry….I guess I better go buy some undercoating….looks like I’m going to keep her!

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  1. Sounds like keeping is the way to go. I have a 2002 Ford Escape and intend to drive it forever,… well at least for the Escape’s forever, I hope I outlast it!

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