A Close Call !

Whew…had a little scare yesterday, which thankfully ended well, but oh my…it makes a person think. My wife, who frequent readers will recall had a cerebral anyeurism (brain anyeurism) last fall, ended in emergency last night, suffering from a bad headache.

It was the first bad headache since the late fall, following the “coiling” operation she had in September to repair the anyeurism. In fact, she told me the headache pain was the same as the pain that got her in the hospital last September. As soon as she said that, I had her in the car and off to emergency!

The place was packed, they have one of those ‘reader boards’ now that says exactly how many people are waiting, how many are being looked after, how many are coming in by ambulance from other places…the number was 53 when we got there….it didn’t go below 50 until early this morning….it would drop by a couple, then bounce right back up.

So, because of her history, and because I pushed it a bit, after about 2 hours in the waiting room, they took us in, sat us in another cubicle with one chair, no bed…we waited there for 2 hours more….then finally it was into a bed and team of people, from the janitor on up came in and took her history, her symptoms and her vitals. Finally a doctor popped by, apologetic for the wait, and ordered up a ‘catscan’ and what I call a ‘spinal tap’ They draw fluid from your spine, analyze it for blood, to determine if you have a bleeding anyeruism….that hurt…I know that hurt, but Wendy took it in stride. It’s never easy to get three or four needles driven into your spine at 4 in the morning….yuck…she pretty nearly broke my hand squeezing it….

The good news is, after another 2 or 3 hours, they said, all looks good, just waiting for the neurology team to verify their findings…more wait….Finally, around 9:30 Wendy said, “Enough of this” got up and got dressed, and found the nurse, telling her she was leaving. That got a reaction of, “Oh no! you should wait for the team to let you go.” Wendy said she had been waiting long enough, and had enough, the doctor had said it looked fine, he was just being extra careful, so that was good enough for her. The nurse wanted her to sign a form, essentially saying we were refusing treatment, to which Wendy replied, “You really haven’t offered treatment to refuse, you are just keeping me here, I am not signing that, I am leaving.”

All of a sudden, the nurse is on the phone to the doctor, who surprise surprise, says, her tests were fine, give her a prescription for some pain killers and let her go. We were gone about 10 minutes later…they didn’t find out what was causing the headache, but it has subsided and doesn’t look like it is anything we need to worry about….Thank God for another mercy….

So, we went in at around 8 in the evening and were home by about 10 in the morning….a long night….I did discover I can doze sitting on a hard plastic chair….a handy talent to have….

It was a bit of a wake-up call though, a reminder that having that anyeurism was a close call, and life is not to be taken lightly, and nor is Wendy to be over-doing it….Thank God it’s time to get to the cottage and start relaxing a bit! There is still a lot of wood for her to split into kindling…..

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