Sunday Night Campfire

Hey folks, It’s Sunday Night, and we’re sitting around the campfire, talking about whats been going on with some of our cottage/nature blogosphere neighbors and what they have been writing of late.

The stars are nice, and it’s a beautiful cool crisp March night….a great night to read the following:

Cedar’s at Adirondack View has lots of interesting pictures, but her last couple of posts are particularly interesting, as they are about her family tradition of making maple syrup. Yes, they take the maple sugar from the um trees..oh yes…maple trees…sugar maple trees, and turn it into delicious maple syrup. Her posts are a lesson in the traditional process of making maple syrup for your pancakes. If you’ve always wondered about maple syrup…and let’s face it, who hasn’t…you need to read Adirondack View

Denise and Bill are back in their Vintage Log Cabin after a nice winter vacation in Florida, visiting her Mom. She’s got some pictures posted of their trip and I believe…some more to come! I love Cinderella’s Castle.

Shelley at Building A Log Cabin takes us for a walk around her cabin property in Gaylord, Michigan, lots of snow still on the ground in Gaylord! Shelley takes some fabulous photographs.

Jessica at Five Pines is hard at work putting up birdhouses in anticpation of Spring and some feathered friends arriving. She also has an interesting link to help you track the Spring arrival of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. and…let’s not forget the pictures of her two darlings who got in trouble and had to spend some time behind bars in doggie jail!

Leigh McDonald is In Alaska where they just got 18 inches of snow…on the 15th of March, and Leigh is stuck in the snow

Stacey Huston is an amazing photographer, and recently her blog, A Focus In The Wild was named a “Blog of Note” something we all dream of and aspire too, but few make it, I don’t know anyone else on the list except Shellmo at Building A Log Cabin

Congratulations Stacey Huston, you deserve the recognition!

Spookydragonfly (probably not her real name) at Wishnik Woods is heralding Spring with some great photos of the first flowers and some mallard ducks, along with a lovely memory of her Dad. I hope my own daughters remember me that way after I am gone.

And me…well…I am just going to turn on my new-to-me-but-really-belongs-to-my-son big screen TV and my surround sound system, and watch the NASCAR race! Sometimes I am such a redneck!! Then I am going to go re-read my winter vacation blog and dream about what a great time I had in the Dominican. With 25 centimeters of snow in our forecast for Tuesday, the Dominican is really on my mind….

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  1. You have great taste in bloggy friends Rob! :-)
    I visit many of the blogs you listed – they are all great! I aspire to Stacy’s level of photography – she is amazing!!

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