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I have always had a certain fascination with New England, particularly Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. As a young fella my parents had friends in Maine and we usually made at least one trip a year for shopping and a visit.

Wendy and I have carried on that tradition over the years, trying to get ourselves at least as far as Maine each year for some shopping and away from home time. Last year we drove down for about a week in June, it was great. It’s one place I always leave wishing I had more time.

The New England area is very similiar in some ways to Eastern Canada where we live. Lots of woods, softwoods, hardwoods and a spectacular seacoast. Having said that, there is still something ‘different’ about New England, something I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s that ‘something’ that makes it so beautiful and such a nice place to visit.

The New England folks are friendly, the little towns are picturesque and interesting. I think perhaps that may be the difference, there is more to it. New England has lots of little towns, colorful places with lots to see, particularly if you are from away, and not familiar with it. And of course, you cannot forget the mountains, so beautiful to drive through, especially in the fall. I also love the architecture of the old houses, and at least at the time of my last visit, houses not covered in vinyl siding as is so common around here.

A few years ago, my wife and Mom and Dad spent a few days in the Green Granite Inn, located in the White Mountains of North Conway, New Hampshire. I have never forgotten the beauty of the landscape and the scenery of that area. The memories of the mountains stays with me and I often think about returning someday.

I am on a New England kick tonight because I just spent the last hour or so reading and absolutely enjoying My New England Life Written by a native New Englander named Sharon, it is a photographic album of life in New England, and well worth a visit. Sharon captures some fantastic views of New England, nature and landscape pictures as well as life in New England. I spent at least an hour there, and if that happens to me, you know it must be good.

It always struck me that somewhere in New England would be a great place to live, perhaps it was watching Newhart , starring Bob Newhart and Mary Frann, where Bob and his wife (Mary) were innkeepers in Vermont, or perhaps it was just the idea of the lakes and mountains, the absolute rural feeling of the rural areas. It seems like it would be a great place to have a cottage or home.

That’s why I was delighted to find a My New England Life a wonderful blog about…well…life in New England of course….If you haven’t already been there, and if New England appeals to you as it does to me, drop over and have a visit, just Click Here!

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  1. I found Sharon’s blog recently and have become a follower. It is a nice look at the coast and life there. I hope others will follow your link and explore there too.

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