Hats…I got hats….

I work in an office, typical white collar style job, usually dress, business casual, that type of thing, but at heart, I am a redneck…..and of course redneck’s like….hats….So as I was coming out of my building today, briefcase on my back, I reached into the side pocket and pulled out my brown Ducks Unlimited ball cap with the little camo style under the brim and slipped it on. Today had been a particularly rough Monday, but as soon as I pulled that cap on….well…I felt better. I dunno why, can’t quite explain it…just felt good.

I got to thinking, I’ve got a small fortune in hats, stuck all over the place, too many Ducks Unlimited and Salmon Association ball caps to count, they are all over the place….but not just ball caps… I’ve got a Wool Greek Fishermans Cap two Tilley Hats, a Tilley LT5 and a
Tilley T3 I like those, but don’t wear them often,
I’ve recently got my hands on a handy lighted cap with cool little spotlights in the brim that I find great for blinding Wendy….Then I have a half dozen different color stocking hats, most in either green or Hunter Orange….I’ve also got a black felt cowboy hat that for some reason I just cannot get to look right on me, but that’s OK because I also have a L.L.Bean Moose River Hat,
similiar to the Stetson Bear Creek felt hat that I love…a lot…great fishing hat.

And lately…well I have been on a straw cowboy hat
kick, In fact,I have bought four in the last year, 3 for me, and one for my wife, even bought one recently during our winter vacation to the Punta Cana Princess Resort in the Dominican Republic and wore it home on the plane…well…not exactly, I stuffed it into my carry-on bag and it got crushed up a bit, but it does give it some character…..Here I am wearing it while we were still in the Dominican!

Told ya it had character…..As you can see, hats to me are something like shoes to a woman…wait a minute…I have a lot of shoes too…come to think of it…I like shoes and boots almost as much as I like hats….I feel another post coming on…..Just Kidding!

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  1. I vote for the moose river hat,… yep, that’s the ONE! My dad had one similar to that and it still hangs at our log cabin. He’s been gone many years now and his grandson always wears it when he goes out fishing.

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