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Hey cottagers! I’m back following my rant last night, refreshed and feeling fine….so fine I thought I would share some boating links with you, just in case you are considering a new boat! I’ve done this before, but I think it’s time to update the links! So without further yapping…well…some yapping…here are the boat and outboard motor links!

First of all, I have to recommend Princecraft Boats, which just happen to be the boat I own.

I have owned 3 Princecraft/Springbok boats since I was a wee laddie of 14, and still love a Princecraft. You can visit their site here Princecraft!! and you can also see how they build their boats Here

Princecraft currently have a contest where you can win a

Princecraft Fisherman boat equipped with a 9.9 HP 4-stroke Mercury engine as well as a Remeq 2009 trailer. All you have to do is enter!

I’ve been interested in Duroboat since I stumbled on to them a couple of years ago. Now they even have a link to The Cottage Chronicles on their blog. These are fabulous aluminum boats, with many styles and options. I am impressed with Duroboat. If you are thinking about an aluminum boat, and these days with gas prices all over the place, who isn’t?

Henley Welded Aluminum Boats This company makes several aluminum boats, including an aluminum landing craft!! Think about that…a landing craft…you could assault the neigbors cottage island…or…take your 4 wheeler up the lake.

If you are thinking pontoon boat and my wife always is…there are some fine looking pontoon boats available from Southland Boats Their site has some videos too!

Fab-Tec Industries Very nice aluminum boats.

ZAG FAB Boats Inc. out of Riverton, Manitoba, Zag Fab produces heavy duty all welded aluminum boats and have been been involved in boat building for over 55 years.

Not a manufacturer, but a good resource for all things small boat, is Your FAQ On Boating Questions and answers about boats etc. Interesting site to look around.

Probably one of the best and most popular of aluminum boats are Lund Boats They have some of the nicest boats in lots of styles and features, a favorite of mine. I always thought I would like to own a lund boat someday.

Of course a boat needs a motor, and one of the most popular outboard motors on boats today are Mercury, visit them at Mercury Marine They also have an interesting page on propellor selection, Find Your Prop

You need to know some stuff first though, like the type of prop your boat currently has, top speed etc.

New to me, but fine looking aluminum boats from Gregor Boats This site also has a couple of good photos of boat layouts if you were thinking of converting yours.

Duckworth Boats out of Clarkston, Washington, have a complete line of 17-24 foot inboard jet, outboard, sterndrive and specialty watercraft for shallow-draft river running and deep-V bluewater use, with a full range of fit and finish options.

Harbercraft Boats We have an old Harbercraft 14′ aluminum boat at the camp, it’s just a cartopper style, about 35 years old….just imagine…35years old and still going strong!

Johnson and Evinrude, which were originally owned by Outboard Marine Corporation, were purchased by Bombardier Recreational Products in around 2001.

I believe OMC ran into some financial difficulties, probably because they made their outboards so well, they didn’t wear out and people like me kept them forever, I have an Evinrude 9.9 and a 15, circa 1980, both great outboard motors.

Instead of duplicating two lines of outboards, they have split things up a bit. Now it appears Johnson outboards range from 9.9 to 25 h.p. while they use the Evinrude brand on outboards over 40 h.p.

I am a bit concerned because the outboard brochure on their site doesn’t seem to have been updated since the 2007 model year.

Of course, no cottage outboard boating list is complete without mentioning Honda Marine, Suzuki Marine, and Nissan Marine and Yamaha all of which have some fine looking outboards!

And finally….here is a link to an interesting site that explains who makes what when it comes to outboards, for instance, did you know that until 2006, Suzuki manufactured the Johnson four strokes up to 225 HP? They also have info on where to get parts etc.

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