A New Cottage Boat

Thinking about a new cottage boat this year? Is the old runaboat starting to look a little peak-ed? Perhaps you’d like to be the first one on your lake to have the latest in boats! If that’s true, then I think you need to consider getting a new boat and have I got one for you!

With a seating capacity of 4 in the cabin, plus the captain, this 34footer is powered by twin 440 horsepower inboard Yanmar diesels, GPS, chart plotting, radar, forward and downward sensing sonar, autopilot 48 hour emergency life support, and dive performance….wait a minute…dive performance? life support?

Yup! That’s because your new boat can be a submarine! It’s a Marion Hyper-Sub that will let you cruise the lake either on top or beneath the water!

Oh this is cool….imagine coming up to the surface in front of your neighbors wharf….then launching a torpedo into the side of his new 26 foot cabin cruiser…..oops…I digress….The Marion Hyper-Sub doesn’t have torpedos…but that is about the only thing it doesn’t have….this is a fully equipped boat..er..sub.

Imagine towing a water skier behind you and then diving beneath the surface…that would be pretty neat…perhaps not as cool as the torpedo thing but then again, that would only be funny for few minutes until the police arrived…and the Navy.

Actually, I don’t think we will be seeing too many of these little boat/subs on our cottage lakes anytime soon, but you never know when one might surface!

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