Our Caribbean Vacation

All Inclusive Vacations

Ahh….it’s great to be home, back in the below freezing temperatures of a northern winter, slipping on the icy sidewalks going to work, scraping ice off the windshield and long underwear!

Yes, Wendy and I just got home from an all inclusive vacations at the Punta Cana Princess Resort in the Dominican Republic!

I hope to sober up by the weekend….what a week of eating and drinking and lying in the sun. I have to say, all inclusive vacations to the Dominican Republic are fun.

A far cry from a summer day at the cottage with a thousand things to do, instead on our Caribbean vacaction there was nothing to do but eat and drink, have the occasional swim and lots of much needed rest and relaxation. That’s one of the nice things about all inclusive vacations, you don’t have to do or worry about a thing, it’s…well…all inclusive.

It’s hard to believe that a week ago I looked like this…..

It’s also hard to believe that only a few days ago I was laying on a lounge chair, drinking a delightful concoction called a Bananna Mama, with white sand underneath me, blue skies above me and topless women in bikini bottoms strolling around like everything was normal and they always dress like that….

The Michelin Man

Yup….instead today I was dressed up like the Michelin Man with a down filled parka, insulated boots, long underwear a stocking hat and gloves and I was still kind of chilly when I walked to work…and work…oh my god….I had forgotten how much I hate working….after a week where the most work I did was getting my bathing suit on, it is an eye-opener to find yourself in a meeting listening to folks talking about whatever it was they were talking about….I’m not sure because I drifted off at some point, dreaming about all inclusive vacations, white sand, blue skies and topless bikini clad women….

The Beach

This is a pic of the beach we strolled everyday for exercise.

This is the hacienda we stayed in during our trip!

Yup…I am sure glad to be back, you can imagine why I would have a miserable time hanging around a place like that! Not only that, I had to give up a week of my summer vacation at the cottage to use for this trip.

I could have used that week to paint the boat shed at the cottage….instead we spent it at a beautiful, hot resort on a beach….with topless women…..yup….sure gonna miss that week at the cottage….

You can read about our little trip to the Punta Cana Princess at my inclusive vacations blog, My Caribbean Vacation

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