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From time to time I like to browse around the cottage/camp/outdoors blogosphere and see what some other cottage country bloggers are doing….I admit I don’t do it often because it usually makes me envious, but from time to time.

Tonight was one of those times, so I clicked over to Adirondack View by a talented blogger who goes by the name “Cedar” which I think is a very appropriate name for someone writing about the Adirondacks. Cedar lives in the North Country of New York in a place where she is able to enjoy views of “the Adirondack Mountains, the lakes, the sky, the trees, the flowers, and the people.” She is a life-long resident of the Adirondacks so she knows all the secret places.

Cedar has a good thing going on, interesting writing and fabulous photos, including some old pics of bygone days that are sooooo interesting to look at…I stare at pictures like that for ever, trying to absorb all that there is about the scene and imagine life when the picture was taken.

If you are like me, the “Adirondacks” holds some kind of mystery, or better put, “allure” There is something romantic about the mountains and the name, a name synomous with the outdoors, camps, cottages, fishing and hunting and history. I often wish my cottage was located somewhere as exciting as the ‘Adirondacks’

In the late 19th century the area became famous for what were called the “Great Camps” which were essentially outdoor resorts for the wealthy who went to the area to enjoy the outdoors, living in what would be luxurious “camps,” especially by the standards of the time. I like to think of them as the original cottagers.

The Adirondack Mountains are contained within the Adirondack Park, 6.1 million acres in the northeastern part of New York, and include a 2.3 million acres forest preserve! The mountain range was named by an American geologist, Ebenezer Emmons, who Anglicized the Mohawk work ‘ratirontaks’ which means ‘they eat trees’ Uh-huh…who eats trees? Apparently when times were tough, the Algonquins Tribes would eat the buds and bark of trees. The Mohawks didn’t think much of the tree eating idea, so they didn’t call their neighbors tree eaters in a nice way….something like I call one of my neighbors at the camp “bozo” It’s not exactly a compliment…..I don’t know what he eats….but I am digressing…

Besides the romance and wildness that I associate with the Adirondacks, I am also fond of the chairs like this Northern Classics Adirondack Chair I wrote about these classic camp chairs in a previous post, Adirondack Chairs

These rustic camp style chairs are also referred to as ‘Muskoka’ chairs in Canada. My Dad built several of them for our cottage that we still use today on the deck.

So…there ya go….drop on over to Cedar’s place, Adirondack View and tell her I said, “Hello!”
Enjoy the view….I did.

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  1. Hi Rob! Shelley (Shellmo) tipped me off that you have said some very kind things about my blog,… Thank you! Stop by anytime,.. I will do another “back in the old days” post, just for you, very soon!

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