A Proud Father

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with cottages or camps or the great outdoors, so I apoplogize if you are disappointed. But sometimes some things are just worth mentioning anyway, especially when you are a proud father like me!

My oldest daughter is currently in Belfast, Northern Ireland as part of a contingent from her university, sponsored by a group called Peaceful Schools International

Kim and her fellow students, along with lecturer Bridget Brownlow from St Mary’s University in Nova Scotia in Canada are visiting St Aidan’s Christian Brothers Primary School as part of their conflict resolution studies. They have been raising money for this trip for the past year or so and it has been the topic of conversation around here since she first brought it up.

Peaceful Schools International is a worldwide network with 280 member schools including members in Canada, America, Jamaica and Serbia. Through these ventures, schools are encouraged to teach their students the attitudes, knowledge and skills that will help them to live well together.

The organization helps schools create a “culture of peace with a collective vision, a plan of action and commitment on the part of the entire school community.”

Peaceful Schools International was founded 10 years ago by a Canadian, Hetty van Gurp after her son died following an attack by a boy who had been bullying him.

There is a video on BBC about the group and their visit to St Aidans. Here

Kim is in the background in a couple of shots….I am such a proud father….I like to think that Kim’s success in University and in other areas of her life have something to do with spending time at our summer cottage every summer since she was born. It was there she learned to challenge herself with things like swimming, boats, bike riding, and other outdoor related things. Of course that isn’t really the reason but it didn’t hurt!

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