Sunday Drive

In preparation for our upcoming winter vacation to The Dominican Republic, for a week of fun in the tropical sun and Caribbean Ocean, I mentioned to my wife to pack my Tilley T4 Down Sloping Brim Hat

Well…I didn’t exactly say, “Pack my Tilley T4Down Sloping Brim Hat” it was more along the lines of: “Did you pack my whatcha call it hat?”

Which resulted in the following answer, “I told you, I am not responsible for packing your stuff….”

So…it was discovered that my Tilley T4Down Sloping Brim Hat was still at the cottage…uh-oh…

Thankfully it was a bright sunny, albeit cold Sunday today and I was up for a little adventure. Nothing like a nice Sunday drive to the cottage to break up the winter. After lunch we took off for the cottage in my little 4X4 Chevy Tracker, confident in the idea that we would be able to drive in the 500 yards to the cottage off the pavement…uh-huh…second time I have been a little mistaken.

We reached the cottage driveway in about an hour, the road looked OK, snow covered but one of the neighbors had driven in recently, but as my wife pointed out, he has a big truck, high off the ground, with big tires.

“Let’s walk in.” she said, “It isn’t far.”

“Nonsense” I replied, “Nonsense, I can drive through that.”

“No you can’t.” she said, “It’s too deep and looks icy, we’ll never get out if we get down there.”

But it was a little late for that, following the old adage, “If he can do it so can I” I pulled the Tracker down into four-double-you-dee, shifted down and plunged in like a World War I war hero going over the top of the trenches…I did pretty good too…slipping and sliding but making great headway, laughing, I said, “I told ya this thing can go anywhere.”

I got about 300 yards down the road. Then we got stuck. Yup, the crusty snow had held the Tracker up quite well the first 300 yards, but once we hit a little rise in the snow where it had drifted, we were stuck hard. No amount of cajoling the little Tracker front or back, rocking it from first gear to reverse, and no amount of extra thrust from the extra low gear helped.

I looked over at my wife, shaking her head in disgust. I looked over my shoulder to the back seat at the shovel and nodded in her direction.

“What?” she said, “I’m not &^%$*&^ shoveling, you got us into this &%$-&%$# mess…now you want me to shovel us out???”

“Well someone has to drive” I said, “Let me get the door for you.” I said, reaching across her to open her door.

It was just about then that she shoved back and gave me that look…guys are familiar with the look I am referring too….

“Hmm…on second thought, perhaps I will shovel” I said, “You drive, but be careful, don’t burn out the clutch.”

It really didn’t matter what I said at that point, I don’t think we were really talking, I mean I was talking, she just wasn’t answering.

Long story short, after about an hour I had the snow under the Tracker dug out, that’s what had us hung up, once that was gone it was touching solid ground, frozen but solid. I started to tell Wendy what to do…”OK cut the wheels and turn in there” I said, pointing to my neighbors driveway, which was snow covered as well.

“I don’t think that will work” she said. “I am going straight back up the hill.”

“You’ll never make it.” I said, as Wendy revved the engine and let go the clutch, and I watched my little Tracker scramble backwards up the snow covered icy driveway like a snowmobile….She reached the top, spun the wheel and whipped that Tracker around until it was facing the right way.

She wound the window down, smiled at me and said, “You coming?”

I grabbed my snow shovel and my pride and ran for the Tracker….we got home about an hour later….and I forget to get my Tilley T4 Down Sloping Brim Hat

I am going to buy a new one….can’t have enough Tilley Hats….

The worst of it all, I had my camera in my pocket and didn’t take a picture….it would have made a great picture….I mentioned to Wendy that perhaps we could take another run to the cottage tomorrow and try to recreate the scene so I could get a photo or two for my blog. She went to bed…..

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One thought on “Sunday Drive”

  1. That's funny. I almost had the same story. My wife and I went to our cottage (east of Baysville, ON) for a night.

    Our cottage is 2 KM in from the highway. Normally, in the winter, we can drive in 1 KM (that's as far as the township ploughs).

    This year, however, someone is building on the south shore of Lake of Bays so we were able to go an extra 500 yards.

    We have a 5 year old daughter and a small dog, so not having to drag them the entire distance was a bonus.

    Last night, the snow started to fly. At some point, I started to think, "I hope we can get out…"

    Fortunately, the new 'snows' on the old CRV did the job through the fluffy snow… but it crossed my mind that my wife might have to get behind the wheel as I pushed us out of a ditch.

    By the way, you should get a Tow Truck In A Box (at Zellers). I was given one through work (they sponsor a racecar) and I used it to get an old lady with bald tires back into her driveway. Works well.

    In reference to your prior post, congratulations that things are getting back to normal with your wife. Have a great trip! My wife is 10 years out from a bone marrow transplant and the regular checkups get less scary as time goes on.

    Here are some shots from our cottage this weekend. I left my Tilley hat up there, too. haha.;=758280290&ref;=mf