My Wife – An Update

I debated whether or not to post this, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I should. Frequent readers of The Cottage Chronicles will remember that back in September, my wife had a serious medical emergency, suffering a brain anyeurism that struck quite quickly and required surgery.

At the time I posted A Special Prayer and received several comments and well wishes from you, which touched me deeply and were a comfort.

Several of you came my way from the person I often refer to here as ‘my blogger buddy’ Shelley, at Building A Log Cabin

I couldn’t then, and I cannot now express how much those comments did for me, how nice it felt to know that others were thinking of Wendy and I. I wrote that original post in the middle of the night, just home from the hospital, and was a worried puppy…your comments were wonderful.

I am happy to be able to write tonight that my wife had her three month follow-up check-up with her specialist yesterday and everything looks good. She had a CT scan which shows the procedure worked fine and continues to work the way it was supposed to work.

Modern medicine is a marvellous thing….The Doc told her she could go back to work, resume her regular life, adding she had a second chance, and she should take advantage of that! I couldn’t agree more….She will now be followed regularly for probably about 5 years, but that is ok too.

She has taken early retirement, after 30 years on the job, and is now looking forward to life, perhaps in a different way than she would have looked at things six months ago. Next week we are off for a week in The Dominican Republic to lay around the beach and watch the sunrise and sunsets over the Caribbean. It’s not quite the same as the sunrise over our cottage lake, but I suppose it will do in a pinch…and considering our cottage lake has two feet of ice covering it, the Caribbean will probably seem a bit warmer.

I wanted to update you on her progress because 1) I am very excited and 2) I want to say to anyone reading this who has been diagnosed with a brain anyeurism, or any other life threatening medical issue, to keep the faith. There is power in prayer, and there is power in a positive attitude and there is power in our doctors and health professionals.

Anyeurisms can be treated with amazing success rates, and the coiling method doctors use today is amazing and not nearly as obstrusive as other methods, although they too have their place and work well.

If you are a woman, particularly in your 40’s or 50’s with a family history of anyeurisms, or a cigarette smoker, work in a high stress occupation, drink a lot of coffee, suffer from headaches….you need to have a CT scan and be checked for anyeurisms. Get it fixed before it becomes a real problem and you have a close call like Wendy’s was…too close for comfort….

Special mention to:
Knatolee at Knatolee’s World

Jessica at Five Pines

Rick and Diane at Schrader Landing

Jen at Unglazed

Jackie at Cici&Rawson;

And of course, Shelley and Greg at Building A Log Cabin Shelley is having pc problems this week, so keep your fingers crossed for her that she gets back online soon! We miss her!

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2 thoughts on “My Wife – An Update”

  1. Rob – such great news to hear about your wife! And good for her for taking an early retirement! I hope you both have a wonderful time on your vacation – drink a daquiri or margarita on me! Cheers!!

  2. Oh, so pleased to hear she’s doing so well. I have an email friend who had surgery on a brain aneurysm. She was SO lucky to have survived it all. It’s great that Wendy has taken retirement and I hope you have a wonderful time down south. After you drink Shelley’s margarita, have a pina colada in my honour. :) I am highly jealous of your trip (as the next snowstorm approaches, and may be hitting you as well) but you guys have earned it!

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