Cottage Security….sort of….

If you are like me and I have an idea you are…you probably think about cottage security from time to time…I think about it frequently, although I know that no matter what there are bad guys out there who will break-in if they get the chance.

So in addition to making the place as secure as possible for those long winter nights when I am not around, and I also try to bring home anything of value. Of course that doesn’t mean that someone won’t break into my house and steal my stuff, but at least I am home more often than I am at the cottage in winter.

So I have been thinking about one of these “security cameras” that is not really a security camera. I wrote about these security cameras and I do think they are a good idea. They may not deter every criminal, but they will deter some.

This is a realistic looking imitiation security camera that will at least make people think twice about stealing or damaging your property. It has a realistic look, with wires and a blinking LED that runs on two AA batteries.

The mounting bracket allows you to set it up pointing in whatever direction you want, above doors, driveways etc. I think one looking at the doors would be best, or one inside the door that can be seen through a window with it’s little blinking light.

SVAT ISC200 Outdoor Imitation Security Camera with Blinking LED

In addition to the camera, I think some of these signs and stickers are a good addition, helping to deter the bozos who think an empty cottage is easy picking. Remember, most criminals will take the easiest path, if they think you have a security system or camera, even if they are not sure how real they are, most will move on to somewhere that there is no doubt….unfortunate for your neighbors.

SECURITY SYSTEM SIGNS ~1 Sign & 3 Free Decals~ alarm

Of course nothing will replace regular visits to your cottage to check on it, or even better having a full time resident take a walk around your property when you are not there. You should also pay attention to good padlock and deadbolt systems, as well as windows that close and lock properly. If you are going to be gone for a long time and your cottage is remote, shutters are a good idea as well.

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