Blizzards and Cottages

Well…well….winter has come to the Northeast with a bang! We are under the stress of a big old blizzard today, high winds, snow and more snow, with high winds piling it up in front of doors everywhere. Did you ever notice how snow seems to pile in front of doors? I opened my garage door this afternoon and it was piled up about 3 feet high in front of the door when I pulled it up….yuck…

So out comes the old Snow King recently repaired snowblower! It started up easy and two hours later my driveway is clear and so is my neighbor’s. When I came in my face was covered in frost, my moustache a frozen mess of…well…um…let’s not discuss that, but at least the deed is done and I should be able to get out to go to work tomorrow….oops…screwed that up didn’t I?

It’s storms like this one that make me re-think our “move to the cottage to retire plans” I am reminded of how long the driveway is down there and how useless my snowblower would be faced with a storm like this in the country with long roads and deep drifts. It’s sure nice to be able to look out the window here and see the main road and cars and lights and activity.

It’s OK to surmise that we will be in the sunny south when the cold sets in, basking on some beach in Florida, playing cards with the rest of the seniors in the mobile home park, but what if something happens and we can’t go some winter? We’d be stuck in the cottage, wondering if any of our kids will bother to check on us, trying to keep warm by the wood stove when the power goes out for three days.

I have nightmares of being stuck in the cottage unable to get out. I think living in the country full time is going to come with some challenges, most of which can be overcome, but challenges nonetheless. When I was 35, those challenges wouldn’t even have been considered challenges, they would be fun…but at 49 going on 50, they seem somewhat…well…bigger…

I am starting to think of things we will need to be prepared for any eventuality, living in the country, where self sufficiency is a requirement, where you have to learn to fend for yourself, depend on yourself, and be ready for anything….for starters it would be nice to have a front end loader…. might be a good thing to own living down there….a front end loader could do a lot of things, haul wood, haul gravel for the road, pull up wharves and boats, move rocks….and plow snow, lots of snow…mmmm…..bring on the blizzards….maybe I might even make enough money to move back to the city….

Honey….can I sell my snowblower and get a front-end loader?

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One thought on “Blizzards and Cottages”

  1. Oh, get what we are lusting after, a big shiny tractor with a snowblower attachment! :) We have a very long country laneway that we need to pay a local farmer to blow out. He does a good job, but it will be nice when we have our own tractor one day.

    Happy winter!