Windstorm At The Cottage

The phone rang this afternoon about 2:00, it was one of our neighbors from the cottage.

“Have you been down to the camp lately?” he asked.

“No,you?” I replied, knowing this was going somewhere.

“Just got back.” he said, “Thought you should know the windstorm last week did a number on your place and blew all your deck coverings off, as well as a part of your deck railing.”

“Uh-oh” I said, trying to picture what he was describing. I thanked him and hung up. My wife and I were just about to head for the mall to catch some of the Boxing Day sales.

“Change of plans.” I said, heading to the garage to get some tools as I yelled back at her relaying what had happened.

Time was a-wasting, we had an hour’s drive ahead of us, and the forecast was calling for snow turning to freezing rain late in the afternoon. It hadn’t started yet and I wanted to get down there and back, hopefully before it did.

So in a matter of minutes we were off, driving the speed limit, well maybe a little over, we arrived around 3:30 to find the veranda railing and one of the posts holding the veranda roof up, laying askew on the ground…I always wanted to use the word, askew…..I was thankful for one thing, it missed the picture window, falling the other way. That was a miracle in itself.

That’s not all, my tarps were shredded for the most part, and the plywood panelling that I had used to board in the deck was scattered all over the property, much of it broken into pieces. We had a really strong wind storm earlier in the week, and it must have hit the cottage bang on. The X’s on the following picture show what was gone.

So, no matter, nothing a good handyman cottager can’t fix. I patched it all together into a virtual tapestry of boards, tarps, plastic, old paneling, and whatnot, until I had most of it back together. It isn’t pretty, but it wasn’t to begin with…..I was just thankful I was able to get to the place in time to fix it up before the snow started.

In fact, it was downright shacky looking before, I think I have outdone myself this time….

As we drove home, we didn’t hit the snow until we reached the city limits, and by then it had become quite slippery. Nothing impossible, but slippery nonetheless. It’s times like that I am thankful for the 4 wheel drive in my Tracker.

By the way, our cottage lake is frozen as the below picture attests. I wouldn’t start walking on it yet, but it won’t be long now.

My floating wharf is finally secured into the ice for the winter. This picture is a little dark unfortunately, it was late before I got a chance to snap it.

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3 thoughts on “Windstorm At The Cottage”

  1. Good to here there was no serious damage. After a big storm I always wonder how things fared at our place, unfortunately this time of year we can’t investigate until the ice comes in.